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Today’s topic: 10 things that are typical German

1.) Highway (Autobahn)

What do Germany have in common with Nepal, Burundi, Afghanistan and North Korea? Here you can drive as fast as your car can. However, due to the road conditions, this can only be done in Germany. No matter what environmentalists and safety experts say: no German politician dares to change this rule. And please don’t forget, because the car in Germany is usually the most important thing.

2.) School cones (Schultüten)

They are often bigger than the child itself. It is a real curiosity that children receive gifts to enrol in school. But in Germany it is very common. There are sweets and items for school. Wikipedia – German school cones

3.) Schorle and warm beer (Apfelschorle und warmes Bier)

Germans mix apple juice with mineral water and in many countries this is not common. Therefore, there is usually no translation for the word Schorle. And many German tourists look in vain for this drink on holiday. Another special feature is that Germans like to drink their beer warm and not ice cold as in many other countries.

4.) Waste separation (Mülltrennung)

Germany is the world champion! At least when it comes to waste separation: Even at home, the Germans are busy separating plastic, paper, glass and organic waste. In the meantime, the waste bins are protected with a special padlock against other people’s use. In addition, there are deposits in Germany for plastic and glass bottles, as well as for cans.

5.) Congratulations (Glückwünsche)

Anyone who forgets a birthday in Germany doesn’t have a serious problem. But those who congratulate beforehand will trigger defensive panic reactions because that’s bad luck! And when you toast you must always look into each other’s eyes, otherwise there will be 7 years of bad sex.

6.) Clubs (Vereine)

Garden club, chess club and dance club: In Germany there is a club for everything and everyone. There are no limits to your imagination. Everyone is a member of at least one club.

7.) Hot wine (Glühwein)

In Germany, people drink hot wine during the winter months. Not only it consists of wine, but it also has other ingredients such as spices and fruits. Here’s a recipe.

It is not clear where exactly the hot wine comes from. Some attribute the origin of the hot drink to Saxony, others to Sweden. What is clear, however: In Germany, hot wine has a very special place in their hearts.

8.) Coffee and cake, and dinner (Kaffee und Kuchen, und Abendbrot)

Whether with family or friends: Sunday afternoon – especially for the older generation – can be enjoyed in a nice round with coffee and cake.

And in the evening, dinner is served around 6 o’clock. Here, in part, only bread with charcuterie is served. German meals and manners.

9.) House slippers (Hausschuhe)

The Germans have a very special relationship with their slippers. But what is really interesting is that some people even take them with them when they visit other houses. Guests are also often offered a pair of slippers when they enter the house.

10.) Nudism (FKK – Frei-Körper-Kultur)

Germany has a large number of nudist beaches. Germans are very open in this way. Even in the sauna everyone is naked.

Wikipedia – FKK

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