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Today’s topic: 2 Big Language Learning Secrets

Often many people have the wrong approach to learning a language. And that’s why most people get frustrated very quickly. Certainly, you remember how you learned your mother tongue. In fact without any memorizing of grammar rules and nevertheless, you have learned the language. And you learned the language because you unconsciously used the 2 secrets.

The 2 secrets are listening and repeating. As a small child, you listened to the language every day and many things so often that you simply started to pronounce or repeat them yourself. And nobody criticized you, but only encouraged you. So learn again like before. Try to listen to as much German as possible. And pay attention to many repetitions.

Here is a small checklist:

1: Find an interesting audio source, for example, a German video on YouTube or a German song or even a little story as I use it in my online courses.

2: Listen to everything so often that you can understand everything without problems. Sometimes it goes fast and sometimes it takes a little longer.

3: Tell someone about what you listened to. And if you don’t have anyone, tell it to a plant, your dog or just yourself. The focus should always be on communicating and it is not important that everything is grammatically correct. You don’t expect that from a small child.

And don’t forget only when the information goes into your ear, then it comes out again to your mouth.

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So no more spending money for costly German language classes, no more travelling to an institute.

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Have fun and all the best!

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