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Today’s topic: Word by word translation like Birkenbihl method

Birkenbihl method combines each text in a foreign language with a word-by-word translation in the native language of the student.

A translation is going to give a language student instant comprehension and text understanding. Therefore you will never feel neither “lost” nor “anxious” due to the lack of understanding.

In other words, your native language will be your “weapon” against foreign language. Even complete beginners are able to start language education with simple texts and audio recordings.

It is because the decodification gives you the grammar of the new language in a subtle manner; your brain is going to abstract unconsciously the new rules of the foreign language.

Isn’t that great!

But let’s see an example:

The sentence “Ich möchte Deutsch lernen.” should be translated with “I want German learn.” and not with “I want to lean German.”

I think you get my point.

Birkenbihl method is brain-friendly foreign language learning technique that was developed by Ms. Vera Birkenbihl.

It enables both left and right hemispheres of the brain in order to help the language students to progress quickly, in an efficient manner.

More information about the Birkenbihl method.

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