In this free learn German video blog of 123deutsch you’ll learn German pronunciation the fastest, easiest and most fun way.

Fear, panic and terror! That’s what many feel when they hear about German pronunciation.

“One of the most difficult languages in the world”, some say; “they seem to be talking loudly,” others say.

So let’s see, learning German is not exactly a rosy road (or at least one with a lot of thorns), but it is certainly not as complicated as it is described.

In fact, the proper pronunciation of German is not at all complicated (and we say it from our own experience, it’s worth the immodesty).

Although it is true that there are a couple of points to pay special attention to.

But that’s what we’re here for! So let’s go deeper with one of the most important and complicated aspects of this language: German pronunciation.

Learn German from the comfort of your home and that too free of cost.

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