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Advent and Christmas. For many people this is the most beautiful time of the year. It is celebrated all over the world, although many customs have their origins in Europe. In this article we would like to briefly describe how this time is celebrated in Germany.


During the Advent season we prepare for Christmas. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin language and means “arrival”. During this time we remember that Jesus Christ came into this world as a child and that he will soon return as Lord. During Advent the streets of the cities are brightly lit. Chains of lights and colourful jewellery hang everywhere.


Stars and other paper figures hang in the windows. And from many kitchens comes a nice smell. People start baking Christmas cookies and special Christmas cakes. Many children also have an Advent calendar. For each of the 24 days in December until Christmas Day you can find a piece of chocolate or something else behind small doors. But there are also Advent calendars that the mothers or older children make themselves and fill them with nice things like nuts, fruit, chocolate and small toys. In old Advent calendars you can still find a biblical promise behind every window, pointing to the coming Christ.

NIKOLAUS comes into our house…

On December 6, Germany celebrates St. Nicholas Day, the day of commemoration for Bishop Nicholas of Myra, who lived in the 4th century and who took special care of the children. Already the evening before, the girls and boys put their boots and shoes outside the door. They want St. Nicholas to fill them with sweets and fruit. In the evenings, sometimes St. Nicholas, dressed in a wide coat and a bishop’s mitre, comes into the house himself, or he walks through the city. He always has a rod for the naughty children with him and a sack full of little presents for the dear children. From a big book he reads to them what good and bad things they have done, and he distributes small gifts. But mostly everybody gets something. Sometimes Santa Claus is accompanied by a helper, the servant Ruprecht.

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