In this learning German challenge of the free video blog of 123deutsch we will have a little fun.

The learning German challenge is a combination of physical or mental abilities and the ability to speak German.

If you can do that, please share a video on our Facebook page.

Each submission will be rewarded with a free lesson on Skype or free access to our online courses (Basic Course and Advanced Course). So don’t wait, start to record your video.

It is shown that you learn better while moving (Wikipedia). So don’t sit at your desk while learning German, but move.

Today’s learn German challenge is a German tongue twister. Tell the tongue twister three times as fast as possible. My time was 25 seconds. So what do you achieve?

Here is the German tongue twister:

Der Flugplatzspatz nahm auf dem Flugplatz Platz.
Auf dem Flugplatz nahm der Flugplatzspatz Platz.

Next month there will be a new learning German challenge. So stay tuned and become a German soon.

This is a challenge for everyone who is trying to learn German.

Leave a comment if you have questions or feedback and get your doubt cleared instantly!

So no more spending money for costly German language classes, no more travelling to an institute.

Learn German from the comfort of your home and that too free of cost. And it is even getting better because you can gain free access to our online courses (Basic Course and Advanced Course) or a free private video lesson on Skype if you succeed one of our German challenges.

Listen to the videos as many times you want.

Share the video and subscribe for regular lesson updates! #123deutsch

Have fun and all the best!

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