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Today’s topic: How to learn new words

1. No random words

We must give life to the words. It is very difficult for us to remember words that have no real meaning to us.  The more we feel emotionally bound, the more likely it is to retrieve the information.

For example, if you want to remember the word “lecker” (tasty), you have to connect it to something you really like. If you like pizza, just say “Die Pizza ist lecker.”

Tip: Be creative and use flashcards (

2. Learn new words in phrases and word groups

Many tend to learn new words in vocabulary lists. Always be aware that we speak a language in sentences and not in single words. So always look for a phrase or sentence where your word is used often in everyday situations and you’ll give more meaning to the information.

For example, if you want to learn the German word for “table”, don’t memorize “Tisch-table”, but instead the typical question in the restaurant “Ist der Tisch noch frei? – Is the table still available?”

Tip: Just check why do you want to learn the word in the first place and maybe you get a good idea for a useful phrase. Save and learn your phrases on

3. Use your inner voice

Learning is essentially an internal process. To learn a word, you need to get into the world of your inner voice. Try the following: listen to a word/phrase once, now listen to it inside your head, then say it inside your head, then say it aloud. Record yourself saying it and listen to the recording. Does it sound the way you heard it with your inner ear?

Tip: On, you can listen to native and non-native speakers from different parts of the world pronouncing different words and phrases. Just type in the word, choose the speaker and practice.

4. Visualize the word

Try to visualize the word. The picture will help you to remember the word better every time you hear it.

Tip: The funnier and crazier the picture, the better it helps. could help you to get some good ideas.

5. Use Mnemonics

Mnemonics are especially helpful for complex words or words that you forget over and over again.

For example, the German word for nurse is “Krankenschwester”. At first glance, the word looks very complicated. But if you look closely it consists of 2 parts. “Krank” means sick and “Schwester” means sister. So just remember that the nurse is your sick sister.

Tip: Be creative.

6. Use spaced repetition

The most important thing is to repeat the words, unfortunately it does not do so much to simply repeat a word 100 times. It is best to repeat it over a certain period of time in different situations so that the word is anchored in the subconscious.

Tip: A useful tool is here the App Quizlet. is also used in our online courses.

7. Get to the root of the word

Always take a close look at the words and perhaps you will notice something at first look. Because sometimes we know the words from another language or we have already learned a related word.

Tip: Whether you are looking for the origin of idioms or individual words, the website may be quite helpful.

8. Play with the word

Sometimes a little challenge is all you need to remember a word. Games that help you discover new meanings and new words are a fun way to expand your vocabulary.

Tip: You can find tons of quizzes and games on

9. Just write the word down

And the best thing you can do is write the word down in a sentence that means something to you. And put the sentence somewhere at your home where you see it several times a day.

10. Good night story

Tell yourself a little good night story and try to use as many new words as possible and as often as possible. And above all, have fun with it and I wish you beautiful dreams.

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