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Today’s topic: Important Facts About Germany

16 federal states

Germany has 16 federal states. In the former East Germany are Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Berlin, Sachsen-Anhalt, Sachsen and Thüringen. And in the former West Germany these are Bayern, Baden-Württemberg, Saarland, Rheinland-Pfalz, Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Niedersachsen, Bremen, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

83 million people

Almost 83 million people live in Germany. There are 4 cities with over a million inhabitants. Cologne (Köln) with around 1.1 million. Munich (München) with 1.5 million, Hamburg with 1.9 million and the capital Berlin with 3.8 million.

Mountains and beach and trees

In the south are the Alps and in the north the coast with North Sea (Nordsee) and Baltic Sea (Ostsee). And a third of Germany consists of forests.

Cars, cars, cars

Germany is famous for its cars. Mercedes comes from Stuttgart, BMW from Munich (München), VW from Wolfsburg and Audi from Ingolstadt.

German food

Typical German are the Bratwurst (BBQ sausage) from Thuringia, the Stollen (like a pie) from Dresden, the Weißwurst and Bretzel from Bavaria, the Spätzle (like pasta) from Baden-Württemberg, the Fischbrötchen (bread with fish) from the north. And of course there is beer everywhere, in total there are about 5000 different kinds of beer in Germany.
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Berliner Mauer

Berlin was separated by a wall. The Wall fell in 1989 and reunification took place in 1990.

German weather

In winter, the temperature can drop to -20 degrees and snow can fall everywhere. And in summer, especially in the south, the temperature can rise to 40 degrees. So don’t worry, Germany isn’t as cold as everyone thinks.

Castles and palaces

There are, believe it or not, over 2100 castles and palaces in Germany. The most famous is Neuschwanstein Castle. And it is not so old at all. It was built in 1869.


Whenever someone sneezes, you say “Gesundheit” in Germany. And the other “Danke”.

Country of books

In Germany the first book was printed and in the year 1663 the first magazine was published.

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